Introduction to Home based support

You are invited to read this information if you are frail, disabled, or elderly, with or without a diagnosis of an end-of-life disease and want to know what is available in our area to help you with finance, planning and everyday life.

Please note that all links are valid at the time of putting them onto the website and will be updated annually but there are new services and teams occurring between times.

There is a Which guide to accessing and paying for care at home. It can be accessed here.

Please use the links in the menu, right, to access details of support sources and financial guides.

Sources of help

For many years now, washing and dressing has fallen largely to the domain of care providers the latter who are mostly registered with the care quality commission. If you have savings over a certain limit you are required to pay fully for this care provision, unless you have complex needs whereby health may pay, known as CHC funding, continuing healthcare funding. You would need to have an assessment to be awarded this and it would be good to discuss your eligibility for an assessment with an NHS provider such as your GP in the first instance.

You are however entitled to a free assessment for care and the County Council you pay your council tax to, will help you to source care even if you have to pay for it. Care in North Oxfordshire and the counties it borders is notoriously difficult to source as it is perhaps an expensive area for carers to live in.

There is a helpful guide to domiciliary care services in Oxfordshire called Living Well. You can find it here.

If you pay you council tax to Northamptonshire you may well have to access a care agency there. There is a similar guide that can be accessed here.

If you pay your council tax to Warwickshire you may well have to access a care agency there. Again, there is a similar guide to domiciliary support here.