A will

Leave a legacy in your will to Lawrence Nurses

Leave a legacy in your will to Lawrence Nurses. Yes, make the will you’ve been meaning to, for free and professionally drafted, with our online partner Bequeathed.

Bequeathed will give you knowledgeable guidance and support to ensure you receive a fully advised will from a regulated law firm.

When planning your future, making or changing a will, please consider leaving a legacy, however large or small, to the Lawrence Home Nursing Team. You can download our information pack here.

Just go online to www.bequeathed.org, search for the Lawrence Home Nursing Team and simply follow the steps to get started online. A legal professional will then advise you in a free 30-minute appointment, in person, or over the phone. Once your will is complete the law firm will help you with getting it signed and witnessed and store it for you, also free of charge. There is never any charge for a standard will, which is suitable for most people. If your circumstances are complicated and you require further advice, your legal professional will explain what’s needed and give you a quote for the additional work. Please consider supporting the Lawrence Home Nursing Team.

In this video, Julie Sullivan interviews Caroline Malings, a local Solicitor who gives her professional advice on wills, power of attorney and probate.  Some very useful information.

Caroline Mallings being interviewed