Dying GP’s wish that his patients should be able to choose to die at home is fulfilled.

Lawrence Nurses have cared for 1327 patients to date in the Chipping Norton area; a team of 18 registered nurses provide palliative care free of charge.

Local GP Dr. Martin Lawrence’s dying wish was that patients in his practice should be able to die at home; his wish was made reality through the work of District Nurse Jane Phillips MBE. The charity was founded in 1999 and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The service has grown and now provides hospice at home care covering 5 GP practices in West Oxfordshire and is funded primarily through the generous donations of those in the catchment area. It is a local success story illustrating the determination of members of the community. The families of both Dr Martin Lawrence and Jane Phillips are closely involved in fundraising for the charity and two are board members.

In addition to providing outstanding hospice care at home Lawrence Nurses encourage discussion about death and dying and support Hospice UK’s Dying Matters campaign to create an open culture in which we are comfortable talking about death, dying and grief. The Lawrence Nurses’ bereavement walks is also a new venture for the charity supporting all families in the community and not only the families of people we have cared for.

The financial challenges facing hospices also extend to hospice at home services such as Lawrence Nurses; this year £500,000 must be raised of which only 4% will come from the NHS.

“Mum was cared for by your team, or as my Dad calls them, angels. Her wishes were met with the utmost dignity by your dedicated team. The respect she was shown and the way you supported us in our darkest hour makes me believe we did her proud. Thank you for being the light in the dark.”

A patient’s daughter.

“It is important for so many people suffering from terminal illness to spend their last days in the familiar setting of their own homes, surrounded by friends and family and supported by professional care and pain management. The Lawrence Nurses have been providing this service for 25 years, and it is an honour to be associated with them.”

Graeme Garden OBE, Honorary President.

“It is heartbreaking to think of the people who are told their illness is incurable. For some there is one thing they desperately want, to spend the rest of their life at home… I am incredibly proud to be a patron of this great charity.”

The Right Honourable, The Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton and Honorary President of Lawrence Nurses.



For further information contact Verity Fifer, Head of Fundraising, by emailing her here.